Professional services - GCP Software
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Professional services

GCP Software originated from a consulting organisation as our name shows (Global Consulting Partners). So we understand what it means to implement.

Over the last 18 years, working closely with our customers, we have implemented different types of banking software in over 50 banks in 40 countries, in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

We have an experienced team of experts who are able to work with banks that have many different cultural backgrounds, experience levels, skillsets, ways of working, attitudes towards the project, and different styles of decision making (or absence of it).

We understand that if you select our software your prime goal is to achieve your business objectives, and it is our role to translate these goals when implementing working software.

Digital engagement software and our related products are a vital part of your vision, so failure is not an option. Therefore, to make it work successfully, our involvement will be broader than just the implementation.

Cooperation doesn’t stop when the initial project is delivered. At your request we stay involved to work on adapting or enhancing your solution.

To make projects work requires trust in your capabilities and respect for your organisation and company culture as our customer, and for us to take ownership on what we want to achieve together.

This believe is the cornerstone of our professionalism and we look forward to working with you and for you, wherever in the world your organisation is based.