We provide innovative software solutions to support banks and financial institutions in their digital transformation


Our products are designed to make digital banking easier, personal and profitable for you and your customers


We provide our customers with technology that helps them to make the difference and succeed in the digital space


Our mission is to become a leading provider of innovative and differentiating software solutions to support our clients in their digital transformation

Our Story

We started our business as consulting, system integration and custom development company in 2001.

We have supported the implementation of various banking software solutions in over 30 countries and helped our customers improve their business and maximise the benefits of their investment.

We used this experience to build one of the most powerful next-generation digital banking suites in the Smart Commerce industry and shifted our focus into a software company.

Our team

We are an experienced team of professionals who are focused on delivering best software solutions, service and support to our customers.

Our team is able to work with banks and financial institutions that have many different cultural backgrounds, experience levels, skillsets, ways of working, attitudes towards the project, and different styles of decision-making.

We look forward to working with you and for you, wherever in the world your organisation is based.

Our Partners

Geniusto Рis our main business partner in Asia Pacific. 

Geniusto adopts, creates and delivers the necessary technology to remain on the cutting edge of Smart-Connected Product evolution and market acceptance.

For more information visit: www.geniusto.com

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