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SilverFox is an effective way to fight the crime of the 21st century – the financial abuse of the elderly.

The App provides elderly customers with mobile banking in a safe, protected and comprehensible way.

The solution is easy to integrate within the bank’s infrastructure and is powered by GCP’s mobile software, meeting all the required security and performance standards.

Financial exploitation of the elderly is a fast-growing problem with heart-breaking consequences for those involved. Banks will make a substantial social contribution providing customers with SilverFox, and at the same time reduce the cost and complexity of dealing with fraud.

Special interest groups can also offer the APP as TPP. The software is PSD2 compliant and can integrate with one or multiple banks.


Enhanced control.

  • The App can be installed on multiple mobile phones of different carers or relatives. Transactions can be viewed by those involved. A notification functionality is available providing alerts the moment a transaction is made. Allocating control to multiple people is the most effective way to stop financial abuse

Creation of a bill-payment system.

  • A safeguard; two or more people will pay the bills together

Monitor banking activity.

  • Carers will receive warnings of transactions on their own phone
  • Carers can create a transaction to be viewed by others on their own phone
  • Carers can create transactions either to be viewed or authorised by others

Set limits on transactions or prohibit certain transactions; also settings are available to limit the use of the card at the ATM.

Create easy access.

  • View function without login code, offering the possibility to make certain types of payments without authorisation
  • Integration of accounts of multiple banks to simplify overview
  • Alert functions for unusual payment behaviour


  • Carers will be able to detect the location of the customer via the App on the alert of a payment transaction (Including ATM and debit card payments)