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Retail Banking

  • Out-of-the-box Omni-Channel Software for Self Service and Do-It-For-Me Banking
  • Fast to implement, easy to customise, and simple to maintain

Developments in the retail banking industry are at high speed.
As a direct influence, the time from technology incubation till implementation is also constantly shrinking.

Depending on the region, banks are either confronted with a fast change to mainly or digital-only customers or a fast growth of customers requiring a digital strategy to reduce pressure on the branch network.

Due to the speed of the developments, banks cannot afford to freeze requirements for a longer period. Therefore, projects with an extensive length and aligned implementation costs are no longer an option.

Omni-channel and self-service banking are no longer novelties and should be integrated into any channel solution.

However, not all customers are the always-connected, smart phone user, frequently interacting with your bank, digital solutions should also provide ways to communicate to feature phone users and customers not having regular access to the internet.

Over the last few years Self Service Banking has been the focus for many banks. The concept was based on the fact that customers could do every-thing themselves and, in fact, did the work banks wanted them to do, from handling payments to a complex mortgage application, with cost reduction being the main driver, with Omni-channel providing an integrated user experience over all channels.

Today customers want solutions simplifying their lives, with a minimum amount of effort. DIFM

Innovative banks who want to excel in digital service today are focusing on Do-It-For-Me Banking.

Customers are looking for personalised, proactive support provided to them in an easy and understandable way. They want the organisation to do the job for them. Customers expect more than the transactional banking offered to them today.

In order to meet this requirement, we believe that solutions should provide banks with the following minimum set of functionality:

  • Provide an automated way to convert data available to the bank (Corebank, BI, AI …) into inter and proactive advice

Provide a minimum level of the main three elements of personalisation:

  • User-interface defined per customer segment
  • Digital messages, fitting in the context of the channel used, via Mobile and internet being interactive with personal characteristics
  • Personalised offers where conditions reflect the customer segment and/or personal relationship with the bank

At GCP Software we have built out of the box solutions to support you in making digital banking easier, personal and profitable for your customers and for you.

We provide Self-Service, Omni-channel and DIFM building blocks like En-gage, Mobile technology and Hub. For more information click the link, check our product section or request a demo.

In the live demonstration that will be given to you or your team we will demonstrate the benefits.

All you need is an internet connection, PC, and 30 minutes of your time.