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Psi Payment System

Psi Payment System

Building an automated system around payment processing represents a conceptually new approach to the organisation and support of the bank’s business processes.

It is an optimal solution for banks working with a multitude of payments and external payment processing systems, with a broad network of correspondent accounts and/or branches, and a variety of technological chains aimed at payment processing within the bank.


Psi Payment System

– an automated payment processing system, effectively compatible with other banking systems and networks, provides a complete payment processing cycle and acts as a central dispatcher. Based on pre-established payment processing rules, the Psi Payment System coordinates the work of other systems – components of the integrated bank’s IT environment.


Key system functionality provides:

  • automated processing of various payment types;
  • user interface, optimized for payment processing tasks;
  • payment verification at all stages of the processing;
  • monitoring of the currency position;
  • combination of a rigid scenario and flexible selection of a solution when processing non-typical situations;
  • representation of accounting rules;
  • built-in routine reporting;
  • data exchange with external systems and databases;
  • use of transparent technologies – representation of the business logic as a set of decision trees;
  • ХМL/XSLT – standard for external interfaces and internal structures.

Broad system functionality and flexibility typically brings the following capabilities and potential benefits:

  • processing of large quantities of payments, operations and services;
  • a reduction in the number of mistakes, caused by manual processing;
  • automated collection of commissions on payments and services;
  • an extension to the bank’s range of services, making it possible to run complex settlement schemes and commission types;
  • simplicity and flexibility of integration with other systems;
  • a structured, transparent landscape of the automated operations;
  • improved cost/quality ratio of system operational support.

Flexibility and ease of system set-up allows the Psi Payment System to be adapted to introduce and serve virtually any automated payment processing task, for example:

  • standard, automated transactions such as utility bill payments, loan repayments, complex payment flows requiring specific analysis and pre-processing;
  • customised complex payments such as payroll projects, loan instalment processing, predefined payment acceptance schemes by the client’s delegates.

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