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Psi Integration System

Psi Integration System

  • Transparency and clear structure of the deployed services, usage monitoring and audit;
  • Efficient services lifecycle management and ease of reusability;
  • Built-in governance and centralised policy management for distributed services;
  • Dynamic configuration of complex integration logic and new service deployment without downtime;
  • Connectivity to external transaction and message processing systems and networks;
  • Manageability without constant involvement of IT staff;

Sounds familiar? Have a look at…


Psi Integration Platform…
…a universal integration platform for building a unified system of data exchange for the bank.


Psi Integration Platform addresses the most complex system integration needs, and serves as an integration layer between different bank and third party systems, and a message routing and processing engine, and featuring:

  • optimised, extendible, policy based transport and security;
  • dynamic message transformation;
  • declarative development of integration services;
  • complete and optimised access to back office systems, ERP and MQ applications;
  • support for SOA and REST;
  • built-in monitoring, management and service level control system.

Outstanding performance and ease of use of Psi Integration Platform is ensured by the following essential components of the system:

Business Rules Processing Engine supporting:

  • business dictionaries and WYSIWIG-style graphic rule editor;
  • a multi-level navigation system allowing efficient management of thousands of rules;
  • re-use of existing Java-classes and XML-schemes;
  • SDK for development of rules by the user.

Interface and Adapters Inventory and Development Framework supporting:

  • MT-messages and standard interaction with S.W.I.F.T payment network;
  • message exchange and message interchange rules for local payment networks like SAMS, EKS (Latvia), RKC (Russia), SEP (Ukraine), RTGS, GIRO (Bosnia);
  • custom development of adapters for local clearing systems of the client’s choice.


As a result of using of Psi Integration Platform:

  • business staff can keep control of and participate in implementation and management of services, crucial to achieve the bank’s business goals;
  • the time to market of new products can be significantly reduced by use of highly intuitive graphical development tools;
  • the complexity of IT projects is significantly reduced, as the need for traditional coding is reduced by simple system customization and design facilities.

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