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Expectations towards efficient IT systems supporting dealing room operations may vary a lot according to priorities carried by different roles in the bank.

For brokers and dealers:

  • fast entry of orders and deals;
  • real-time monitoring of positions and customer funds;
  • automatic control over the conditions for the order execution;
  • entry and search for financial instruments;
  • ability to download data from external sources.

For risk analysts:

  • tracking of positions (of the bank, brokers and counter-parties);
  • control of margin requirements;
  • trade limits (by client, instrument and counter-party);
  • reporting.

For back-office employees:

  • history of deals, deposits/withdrawals of funds;
  • correction of deals, conversion of cash balances;
  • reporting.


– a foreign exchange and securities trading system addresses all these issues and enables banks to organise the work of brokers and their clients with a high level of quality, accuracy and security. Monitors the bank’s open positions in real time and keeps track on limits and conditions for the execution of orders.


PowerBroker is designed to serve different stake holder groups by supporting and controlling a set of essentials for dealing rooms.

In terms of Deals support is provided for:

  • deals with stocks, bonds, futures, options and FX deals (spot, forward, swaps);
  • commission and fee calculations – fixed, deal volume based, min. and max. limits, client and segment specific;
  • deal related profit and loss calculation – FIFO, LIFO, weighted average, lot selection.

Management of Funds supports:

  • real time revaluation of the client’s own funds and accumulated profit/loss;
  • automatic notifications on margin call events;
  • automatic download of margin requirements from SPAN;
  • automatic and manual conversion of profit/loss into base currency;
  • increase/decrease in own funds – from back-office or manually.

Processing of Orders provides support for:

  • market, limit and stop orders;
  • GTC, GTD, and GT conditions for limit and stop orders;
  • real time order monitoring and automatic user notifications on matching execution criteria;
  • set of prompts, controls and warning messages prior to order entry and execution;
  • order grouping into single strategies with flexible conditions for execution;
  • visual representation of order conditions versus market and order execution simulations;
  • order routing and dispatch to external trading networks.

Portfolio management functionality ensures:

  • flexible portfolio configurations;
  • real time revaluation and calculation of profits/losses and open positions;
  • automatic EOD marginal currency position swap;
  • interest accrual for borrowed funds;
  • position grouping and flexible configuration of investment programs (by instrument, group of instruments, by rating);
  • position simulation for any client portfolio and given quotations;
  • monitoring of degree of correspondence between client portfolio and investment program.

In terms of External Interfaces, GCP PowerBroker supports:

  • interfaces to trading floors;
  • FIX and related protocols;
  • interfaces to Reuters and Bloomberg to obtain quotes and instruments;
  • integration facilities with bank’s back office.

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