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...of mobile developers with banking roots.

Founded in the United Kingdom back in 2001 by ex-bankers and finance sector IT specialists, and focusing on the automation of activities of financial institutions, our company has extensive work experience implementing payment and settlement systems, and integration projects.

A growing team of professionals, combining expertise and practical skills in the finance sector, software development, and system integration, has enabled us to constantly broaden our range of activities and to keep up to date with banking software applications, offer our clients valuable insight into their business needs and formulate a technological solution based on our broad international experience, from the UK in the west to Kyrgyzstan in the east, and from Estonia in the north to Nigeria in the south.

Completed projects in close collaboration with our clients and their trust has encouraged us to constantly seek opportunities to extend our product and service range to areas of card processing, Internet banking, electronic channels, consultancy, and finally, to the fastest developing area, but still with the most untapped potential – mobile banking, which has become the key focus area for our company in recent years.

Our compact, dynamic virtual team of around 40 people, which extends from the main development centre in Riga to branches in Kiev and St. Petersburg, benefits from the diversity of skills and experiences, and at the same time ensures cost efficiency provided by its location and limited overheads.

Becoming acquainted with GCPsoftware as a client, supplier, partner, or a potential team member you will meet people understanding your ambitions and dedicated to help to reach your business goals. Here you will find decades of experience of our senior experts in banking and SW solution architecture, and the open mindedness, up to date expertise in advanced technologies, and creativity of our designers and developers who are looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you.

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