GCP Software | GCP Software and Geniusto announce exclusive strategic
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GCP Software and Geniusto announce exclusive strategic

GCP Software and Geniusto announce exclusive strategic distribution partnership of GCP’s digital banking software products for the Asia Pacific market.

Under this new partnership with GCP it is proposed that Geniusto will work together with GCP to handle exclusively’ sales, marketing and implementation in Asia Pacific Region.

Via this distribution agreement banks in APAC can obtain, not only the latest generation Omni-channel technology but also Engage a recently released product that adds digital interaction and e-commerce capabilities to their existing channel platforms.

With the GCP products, banks will now have the ability to launch or acquire digital only business in new growth areas as well as digitally transform the core business and value proposition.

With an expected number of around 1.7 billion digital banking customers by 2020 Asia has become one of the fastest growing markets for mobile and digital technology.

research study conducted by the Financial Brand found that the majority of traditional financial services organisations are providing relatively poor performances in terms of delivering a customer-focused digital account opening, on-boarding and cross-selling process.

The strategic partnership between GCP and Geniusto will offer an opportunity for institutions in APAC that want to embrace the potential of becoming a digital bank or boost their digital capability and presence. For Tier two and three banks leveraging this ecosystem will bring affordable transition into digital banking and the use of cloud will play a significant role over on premise infrastructure.

About GCP Software

GCP products are designed to make digital banking easier, personal and profitable for bank’s customers and the financial organisations. GCP designs its products with the global market in mind backed by leading service design practices. The market has evolved and is at different stages of maturity when it comes to digital transformation, a main leading focus now is removing friction from customer journey and on boarding accounting to research studies. GCP provides useful tools for banks operating in Asia, Europe, FIS, Middle East, and Africa supporting these different stages.

GCP has implemented software in 30 countries in the world. For more information visit www.gcpsoftware.com.

About Geniusto

Geniusto is a fintech enabler focussed on sales, marketing and implementation company for innovative, award winning and emerging software solutions companies. Geniusto is set to be the world’s first significant software company that does not depend on developing its own IP. While starting with exclusive distribution rights. Geniusto gains IP rights and ownership in their software partners through sales performance.

Strong past experience enables Geniusto to tackle large enterprise systems with confidence and an extensive global network of trusted connections combine for swift growth.

As a technology enabler Geniusto has a commitment and the ability to provide customer care and service from the initial qualification process to actual product delivery and post-sales support. Geniusto adopts, creates and delivers technology that is necessary to remain on the leading edge of Smart-Connected Product evolution and market acceptance. For more information visit: www.geniusto.com

Tammo van Leeuwen Director Market Development welcoming this agreement:
“Our products are known for that fact that they can provide banks with technology that helps them to make the difference in the digital space. We are extremely happy that we have been able to come to an agreement with a professional partner as Geniusto, expanding our market reach into the promising Asian Pacific Region”.

Shane Hermans, Geniusto Founder and CEO:
“I am excited by our new partnership with GCP, their solution–driven services provide world class customer experience and I look forward to these becoming part of the new benchmark for standards across the world. With this agreement we are adding more than another group of products, what we consider a valuable piece to the finteh ecosystem and based on this great technology we take as our standard, into our portfolio. 
We look forward to this strategic corporation and enabling this technology with banks in Asian Pacific region”.