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GCP Mobile Apps

GCP Mobile Apps

No doubt, Mobile technology carries the potential for:

  • the number and sophistication of financial products and services, matching and exceeding the range of any other remote banking platform,
  • the security and convenience of a branch office,
  • the quality of collaboration and responsiveness of a private banker.

What else can you expect from your Mobile App?

  • A fast response time and broad, expandable functionality?
  • Ease of use and operation?
  • Efficiency in terms of use of mobile communication channels and back office processing power?
  • The shortest possible time to market and the ease of implementing new products and services by the bank?
  • Independence from third parties – mobile and system SW platform vendors, the bank’s back office functionality, and even a limited need for supplier’s services to keep the application updated?
  • An open blueprint for further development?


GCP Mobile Apps…

…addresses your expectations in full and represents a new version of our mobile banking application, based on cutting edge technology and unique architecture, which employs the concept of “separation of duties” between its essential building blocks.


Application management middleware – Mobile server:

  • providing an independent client data storage, thereby adding flexibility for solution design and allowing the bank’s back office functionality to be extended, if necessary;
  • serving as an efficient and easily customizable integration platform with the bank’s back office and other front office systems, and eliminating the need for third party integration tools;
  • containing identity management, permission control and an authorisation module, essential to ensure secure and controlled access to the application, and providing a user-friendly interface for the bank’s internal application and user administration staff;
  • ensuring actual balances, transaction history, and personalised productivity features integrated with the rest of the bank’s on-site and remote services provided by an efficient two-way data synchronisation mode and instant notification on any changes in the client’s balance triggered by internal or external events and important updates of the service portfolio via push notifications.


Client’s mobile application, containing:

  • Universal cross-platform business logic layer – Client Service Library, carrying most of the workload to provide broad functionality of the application in terms of user interaction forms, business logic and protocols for services currently being offered by the bank, and providing:
  • a platform for the bank’s business staff for prompt and cost efficient introduction of new products and services with the shortest possible time to market, literally within hours;
  • payment and application forms, client user interface and menus, and permission schemes that are highly configurable and in line with the ever changing business environment, the bank’s client segmentation strategy, and even considering your client’s preferences to be able to “refresh” the application without modification, re-certification and version updates for your clients.
  • Local encrypted client data storage, containing encrypted essential client information and interaction history, significantly reducing the load on the bank’s back office IT infrastructure and need for, and cost of, mobile data transfer, and providing your clients with:
  • continuous access to all accounts and business interactions with the bank;
  • an excellent user experience provided by the very fast response time of the application;
  • off-line capabilities including, but not limited to, preparation of correspondence, applications, payment forms and transactions to be forwarded for execution;
  • personal finance management, analysis of banking interaction history, and other future services supported by mobile technology.
  • Universal service origination engine, serving as part of a native application, being supported with very little customizing, literally any mobile platform desired by the client, providing a uniform cross-platform user experience and eliminating the need for hard-coding, and providing your clients with:
  • personal finance management and on-demand private banker’s support as an extension to traditional banking operations;
  • eventually, a broad range of additional services – a smart combination of the bank’s know-how, access to its client base and information on one hand, and mobile technologies (voice, media, geo-location services, augment reality) on the other;
  • last, but far from not least, a secure and convenient entry point to the bank and access to services via the client’s preferred methods of authentication.

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