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Clients and Partners

... Mutually empowered to meet your expectations in full

Our Clients

…Charting a roadmap for our developments

Most of our application functionality, except built in banking and mobile application fundamentals and our unique application design, is the result of our collaboration with clients aiming to gain a competitive advantage by using the latest available technology.

Typically, each new client project results in a new version of our product with an added set of by-default features generally available.

Broad geography of our projects, consequently different economies, financial sector regulations, standards and traditions, represents another growth catalyst of our application functionality.

Our 36 clients represent 27 countries and 43 completed projects:

Our Partners and Platforms

It’s not just about mobile.

While the bank’s clients still deposit and withdraw cash, make purchases, manage the finances of their enterprises, our clients expect all banking channel services to be easy accessible, painlessly implemented, and integrated with their existing back office systems.

This is where we offer a multi-channel remote banking service solution, customised to our client’s business and technology environment.

Meeting each client’s unique, ambitious project objectives, which are driven by their business strategies and priorities, performance, and expandability expectations, and are often limited by IT and security policy standards, budget constraints, technical preferences or the capacity of in-house IT administration, would not be possible without our continuous investment in technology partnerships, supported IT infrastructure and middleware platform skills, and proven security standards and certifications.

This is why we support a broad choice of the client’s preferred commercial or open source infrastructure SW from operating systems to data base management systems, application and web servers, identity management and authentication platforms. Our competence is proven by certified partnerships and projects implemented using technology platforms of leading world-wide IT vendors, such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Active participation in payment/message based system integration projects with our own system components and developments has endowed us with an impressive “inventory” of know-how and ready-made, easy to use connectors to numerous systems and standards of financial applications, such as, but not limited to, SEPA, SWIFT, ISO8583.

Typically, one of our client’s major focus areas is security. Clearly, this is also ours, and we constantly monitor developments in this area to be able to follow the best practices and to offer flexible configuration of authentication levels to minimise clients’ risks without sacrificing user experience:

  • we follow the best practices, recommendations, and directives, such as OWASP, PCI/PA-DSS and PSD2;
  • we use the most current cryptographic algorithms and protocols: TLS 1.2, SRP-6a, PBKDF2, SHA-256 and AES-256;
  • we support different types of authentication tokens for logging in and signing user documents to provide two-factor authentication – SMS OTP, Vasco OTP, Vasco Digital Signature, etc.
  • support for local authentication – PIN and fingerprint, and possible integration with 3rd-party biometric authentication services.