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Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Digital engagement is the act of engaging a customer through available messaging channels inside and outside an app. Banks can use digital engagement to deliver positive brand experiences, support their business goals and build valuable, long-term relationships.

  • The vast majority of contact moments are post-login, on smartphones, and internet;
  • Most of the views are no longer than micro moments;
  • In order to stay relevant, banks need to provide added value during these micro moments;
  • At a glance, banks need to convey information and let the user process and/or act upon it;
  • Banks need to develop additional digital channels to communicate added value;
  • In order to enhance customer loyalty, the interaction has to be valuable, relevant and personal.


Campaign Management…

…ensures that you can use your data easily, for an outstanding customer experience that will ensure customer loyalty and cross-sell opportunities, and makes your digital channels to deliver more value for you and your client.


Our micro-segment Campaign Management platform supports:

  • a two-way, in and out-platform communication and two main types of messaging:
              – targeted — based on segmentation and defined campaign;
              – moment specific — based on the action of the client;
  • all types of messages to the digital channels from a single, integrated control point;
  • full omni-channel capabilities – communication through major digital touchpoints and message chaining to stimulate use of numerous channels to ensure reach without compromising the client’s convenience;
  • wide range of messaging technologies, such as e-mail and SMS/MMS, push and wearable device notifications, in-platform messaging and Interactive Visual to ensure interactivity, instant response and non-intrusive context;
  • interactive and direct campaign responses and the metrics representing valuable behavioural information.

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